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metaphysics of elements and the universe thoughts and things

How thoughts become things

Light and sound frequencies dna the human body as energy

mind over matter

metaphysics of light sound thoughts and things

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the scientific mind

Supreme  Consciousness the scientific mind

We are microcosmic beings, manifested out of the macrocosmic mind.

Know thyself

the scientific mind

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Supreme Consciousness

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Supreme consciousness manifests its self from a subtle place in the mind.

supreme consciousness

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How I healed myself

The ansestors used these plants and herbs for healing, and potential cures to unease within the body/ temple, and in our times we use this for taste and seasonings and adapted to taking pharmaceuticals to cure the symptoms,. which creats more mucus and leads to more diseases.  from cure to taste. Dont let your taste buds control your life. otherwise the Life is going to be full of unease. polluting the body/temple is the cause of disease. — think about it.   processed and refined to fit your disease. not to cure it but create others on the side.

Meditation music

Melanin Synthesis

Heart beat of her woumb

Terra beings Adapting to the Envornment.

Anything you subject the body to on a subtle realm of existance, you ultimately manifest on the pyhsical plane through the body.  Whenever you put foreign objects within the temple body, you are ultimately createing a temperary unbalance within the bodys existing subtle self. This subtle self is already at balance and regulating the energy within the physical temple body. When an unbalance occurs, there is a physical manifestation of that unbalance that is manifested to the physical realm as well.

All things in the dark (subtle) must come to the Light  (pyhsical). 90% of what is on the subtle self manifests or, is projected to the physical existence as 10% visible expression.  When there is an unblance of energy, meaning too much positive or too much negative energy it manifest that unbalance. This unblanced form of energy can be manifested as unease, “disease”. Dis-ease is caused when there is not a balanced flow of positive and negative energy. A dis-function occurs within the meridians or chakras, and its able to be seen in the physical form.  The same happens with the physical self. If the pyhsical self recieves an unbalance, or damaged in any way, the subtle inner self, is thrown off, and this distrubance is found many times to be a psycheological disfunction.

Emotional trama, is often caused by a unbalance to feelings from the outer existance (pyhsical plane). Which in turn disrupts the function of the mind to correspond and associate information with the trauma, creating an unbalance in the subtle self. Physical diseases are caused by this same unbalance as well. It deals with suble energys that are not in balance. Since we as terra beings Recieve our information ( energy/stimuli) from the enviornment, we adapt to the  these forms of energies/stimuli to survive, and our bodys get used to them. As terra beings we are able to adapt to our enviornments, which is our main function of the human body from a subtle level to a physical level. Not all species of life on the planet are capeable of being able to adapt to its enviornment.  such as a polar bear living in the desert, or a water frog living on land.

Thoughts ( Electrical Charge) {Minfesting the Reality}

Consciousness =  Reality/awareness.  Consciousness is brought into existence by opposing Energies at a balance.  Thoughts  are an expression of consciousness which are manifested on the physical plane of existence just like emotions.  Thoughts are an existing force within a reality, created from subtle energy.Thoughts are the Electrical  ”charge” that exists within the process of the mind. Thoughts are the Electricity that resides within a reality, when at a balance with corresponding emotions. Lets take a look at what thoughts are and how the Charge  helps to create a reality.

Thoughts are an expression of consciousness. – Subtle—>phyiscal . can be expressed on the pyhsical level through emotions ( as behavior/ body langauage), Art, literature, Music, Symbolism, ect.

Thoughts deal with the cognition, or the ability for the self, to Re-cognize a situation for intelectual activity. Thoughts correspond with emotions through perception/experience/ feelings. Cognition is known also as information processing, or the process of identifying and relating information from objectets, matter, feelings and information. It is the ability to Comprehend, and innerstand what is being interperated by the senses. Ception = senses or sensing and interperating information through “Stimuli” of the enviornment on the appropriate sense organs. The senses are processing information recieved through the vibrative stimuli of the enviornment, Such as Hearing, Tasting, Smelling, “feeling”. The way your mind has been conditioned and filtered to percieve the information is your Thoughts.  A thought pattern is created when multiple thoughts of simular origin start simulating within the mind. The way one is able to perceive is due to how the mind, body and soul is programmed to interperate the information recieved from the enviornment. In order to have the ability to identify and interperate, one must know or become in the knowing of how and what to identify, and associate information to a particular object, substance or matter which is obtained by the stimuli of the senses. This is capeable through symbolism, body language, Language, Art, Music ect. – These are all forms of Vibrations which are manifested through muliple patterns and wavelengths of information gathered to form a particular form of “Information” to be comprehended, of interpertated by the senses. When Thoughts are associated with a certain “feeling”, or emotion a Reality is created from that unifying force.  We naturally have the ability to think, but are programmed through our enviornments from the stimuli of our senses, how and what to associate specific thoughts to.

Thoughts : There are only Three majaor Thought patterns that exist as force (two existing energies/foces). Just as an electrical Charge , Each encompassing a polarized charge +/ - /and neutral .But there can be 2 existing thoughts at one time simultaneously. – this creates an electrical charge. – a balance of the mind with the thoughts.

Examples of Thoughts:

  • + Positive thoughts include, but not limited to – “I am happy.” /  “I am worthy.”/ “I love myself.” – consists of Positive information. “higher freqency”
  • Neutral thoughts include, but not limited to – “I am hungary.” / “I am thursty.”/ “I am bored.” – consists of Neutral infromation ( no charge).
  • - Negative Thoughts include, but not limited to – “I am unhappy.”/ ” I am Angry” / ” I hate this/that.”- Consists of Negative information. “Lower frequency”

* Expression corresponds with an appropriate “feeling” – Emotion – which creates behavior associated with this correspondence.

Thoughts are either Positive or Negative in their nature. They have the ability to attract the same vibrative energy, at one time simultaneously, unlike emotions, where only one can exist at a time. Thoughts have the abilty to transform themselves in multiple patterns as well. Thoughts must be programmed into the mind, for the mind to beable to associate and comprehend a situation, object, or sense. Animals have the ability to think because they are conscious, and are able to sense and feel the enviornement,  but they lack the ability to express themselves like terra Earth beings. Animals do however have the ability to LEARN (through programming) how to express themselves like human terra beings. Just like emotions, Energy in motion, the Thoughts are created from the very nutrients needed for the body to become conscious and balanced, and to function properly. Thoughts are also a form of energy. Thoughts are the Electrical charge, which when they come into contact with emotions create a distinct reality. Just like Emotions, the Thoughts are dependant on the type of energy which is absorbed by the body, through the diet. Positive and Negative thoughts, are created through the type of energy that is being obsorbed by the body.  * See Neter Nutrition page.

Thoughts are a charge of energy, and when this charge is in unification with a certain Emotion, a Current is created and that current is ulimatly the manifested reality, that occurs on the physical plane of existence.  The unification happens on a sublte level first and then manifested on a phyiscal level through lumination of certain thoughts and emotions. The ability to immagine, with thoughts is what creates a distinct reality and corresponds to the appropriate emotions. Immagination is the lumination of these particular thoughts and emotions. Immagination is that subtle manifestation, within the mind. but it only stays in the mind, which is why its not an exact reality, but only a mere immage produced by the brain. When you immagine things, you are luminating certain passed feelings and emotions to create a reality in the present mind. but its the act of the individual to carry out and manifest the reality from that immagination.

90% Subtle = 10% Physical. 

*You cannot have positive thoughts ( positive mind) if you are existing in a negative enviornemnt.

Emotions – Energy in motion (E-motion) {Minfesting the Reality}

Consciousness =  Reality/awareness.  Consciousness is brought into existence by opposing Energies at a balance.  Emotions are an expression of consciousness which are manifested on the physical plane of existence.  Emotions are the driving force within a reality, created from subtle energy. Emotions are the magnetic force that exists within a cercuit of Thoughts. Thoughts are the Electricity that resides within a reality, when at a balance with emotions. Since Emotions are energy in motion, we have to look at the aspect of Energy first.

Energy deals with vibrations, which oscilate at a certain wavelength known as a frequency.  In order to have an existence within this pyhsical form, you must take in proper nutrients from the surrounding enviournment (eath/terra) because your not capeable of producing all of the nessesary energy from your own self to maintain a state of well being within the body. The Earth resonates and functions on a certain frequency. The Life that is produced on this earth is due to a  blanaced frequency, in which it oscilates at. We must get in tune with the Earth, which means eating the foods of the earth as well. As Earth beings we must get these essential nutrients from our diets. Our Diets deals with the ability to use foods, to maintain a state of health, healing – state of well being, for growth of cells,tissues and over all regulation of energy through out the body. Alchemically when food is ingested the body must transform a substance from one form or state unto another in order to maintain a charge, and produce the amount of energy  needed to function, and the balance of Supreme Consciousness within the physical body, through meridians /”chakras” ((physical parts of the body such as the heart, liver, brain, kidneys, solar plexes, lungs,. ect )- (some of these parts of the body are not part of the pyhsical meridians/chakras but are essensial for life force regulation)).                 -  For more infromation about Diet and Health  see Neter Nutrition Page.

Emotions : There are only Two majaor Emotions that exist as force (two existing energies/foces). Just as a magnet, Each encompassing a polarized frequency + and – .

Love – Higher frequency (+ energy)    &     Fear- Lower freqency (- energy)             

* Only ONE emotion can exist at a time , and when connected to corresponding thoughts they create a “balance/reality” – Electromagnetic energy.

-The Emotion of Love deals with feelings of Happiness, Joy, Peacefulness, Attraction, Caring, liveliness and things of a more positive energy, or frequency. Mainly associated to the Positive (+) aspect of things.

-The Emotion of Fear deals with the feelings of Unhappiness, Hate, Guilt, Depression, Sadness, Anxiety,death  and things of a more negative energy, or frequency. Mainly associated with Negative (-) aspect of things.

In order for these Feelings to be felt, one must percieve (sense) and experience something that triggers these emotions.  Feelings have memory., or is able to memorize a certian situation, or experience, which allows the body to associate it with a certain emotion. Behavior is a byproduct of emtions, that are carried out by a balance with appropriate thoughts, which correspond with the emotions that are created from feelings. Feelings are Thoughts that are “Charged” by experience/ perception- interpretation of the mind associated with a certain “Feel”. Perception corresponds with  ”Ception”- which envolves the inner workings of the senses to feel, identify and interperate information/ “vibrations” from the enviornment. Behavior is a manifestation of Energy in motion, or a Reaction to an appropriate Sense. Thoughts and emotions are what create a reality, because the thoughts are the electrical “charge” within a current, and the Emtions are the Magnetic force, that allows the charge to create a current of energy, or Manifestation of  Electromagnetic energy or Behavior to manifest, with a correspoding action to reaction. Ultimately what you put into your body as energy will manifest itself on the pyhsical plane as Emotion ( energy in motion)- see Love or Fear.

Remember  * Only ONE emotion can exist in the mind at a time.

90% Subtle = 10% Physical.

Mind over matter: Consciousness (subtle/higher energy) over material (phyiscal/ lower energy)

Our minds are more than we think it is, or capeable of doing. We have to beable to have an overstanding of consicousness and how to manipulate the matter that we live in on this physical earth.

Thoughts are the operating force to our daily actions and reactions, and our emotions are the Will, or driving substance which together allows us to manifest the very life and everything in it that we want or so desire. As a child I always heard the phrase ” Mind over Matter”, which ment to me that, our minds are stronger than the material, matter that exists on this planet. I always was wanting to see this manifest, so my thoughts and will ( emotions) revolved around this concept as i was a child. When i was growing upwards, i realized that this phrase was more than just true, but it became a reality to me.  I learned that  i could manifest anything that i desired, at will and by the way i carried my mind, and focused on what it was i wanted to manifest. It wasnt untill, the begining of my journey that i realized my potential in manfiestation, and overcoming the phyiscal aspect of life, with just my mind. Things would just happen, because i had immagined them to happen a certain way, and i put lots of focus, on the very small steps that lead up to that over all supreme manifestation. As a child i was always in the knowing that i could percieve in a way that others couldnt, and in ways that i would be considered weird by my peers at school and things like that. I always knew i was the odd one out, but now that i think about it, i was the one who wasnt odd, and the rest were the ones that were the odd ones, yet there were more than one of them, so they all fit in together, and i was the one who just had that general innerstanding, or that consicous knowing of something more than the material substance, at a young age. The more i learned that i was normal and that the others had to “learn” how to do the things i was capeable of doing, made it even more powerful for me now, because i was able to innerstand that very concept i heard. “mind over matter”. but what exactly did that realy mean to me?

When i hear the phrase “mind over matter” i automatically get this Powerful, head up feeling. The feeling of the sun raising its rays through the dark pigment of the window shades, as my eyes were closed type of reaction. Being able to percieve the very small things and allowing those “small” things in life make the most sense and those senses, turned into something i could percieve within everything. So when mind over matter was the case, i took all the small aspects in the situation and condensed them. The physical realm is only temperary, and knowing that its an illusion of a hologram, and that things must be in the light ( knowing ) before they can be manipulated, is what makes this concept what it realy is.  Without percieving or becoming in the knowing of a certain substance of the physical plane of existance, one is still stuck in an illusion, or unknowing . Innerstanding that things are illusive and when light luminates these holograms they are projections of them selves from what we percieve them to be. When in the knowing of something, that something becomes luminated with light, and then illuminated (manipulated) at will, because its understood that these illusions are only temperary, and able to manipulate by will. Thoughts and emotions create a reality as it exist, so knowing that the Physical realm is only a hologram of illusions, allows one to realize that these illusions are only manifested by the conscious intention for them to be there, and exist as that. When thoughts come into play, the lumination of that substance occurs in its conscious will for them to be there. An example of this would be that there must have been an immagination, or temperal immage which was played out in the mind, and then from the mind, the lumination ( knowing of the immage) —> becomes luminated. When something is luminated, its able to be seen, and understood, more over innerstood. This is the first step to manifestation,. The realization of the luminated immage is then forced by will, and brought into existance by the emotions, or energy in motion with the thoughts. Since we live in a world made up of electromagnetic energy simultaneously manifesting things in existance, we must realize, (and luminate) the aspect of Thoughts and emotions, as electrical energy (thoughts) and magnetic energy ( emotions). The magnetic force is the will, or the driving force, that allows the transition of the electrical energy in this case (Thoughts). When Electrical energy, or an electric charge is created by a balance of positive and negative forces -( thoughts –immagination) The substance is able to enact with magnetic energy, or magnetic radiation, wich will allow a current of electricity, to travel along the path of the magnetic force. This path is too polarized, between opposite, or oposing poles. So in order for something to be manifested from the mind consciously, one must have the Immage with balanced thoughts, as well, as the  balanced emotions (will power) to consciously allow that thought energy to manifest itself.

Many people struggle with the aspect of manifesting the things they desire because, their minds are full of disractions and or their will (emotions are not strong enough because they may not have the mind over matter or Belief that they are able to manfist.) I too have challenges, as im still working subtle energy within this human form, of physical existance. When you gain a strong belief that you are able to manifest from the mind, through thoughts and immages, the emotions that follow it must be balanced as well.  We are programmed from birth in this physical realm, to believe that this physical realm of existance is the only form of existance and that its the least manipulative, or that we were born into a fixed and linear world, and when you grow up believing that and emotionally ataching yourself to that (since thats all you know) you begin to take that concept every where and attach it to everything. The reality is, we were born into a physical body from a subtle self, which the subtle self is a manifestation of consicousness. and that Everything is in existance because of consciousness. Consciousness is nonlinear, and very subtle. It has 2 sides and works with the laws of the universe. It is the highest form of existance that we can encounter, on this phyiscal plane. Without consciousness, this physical plane would not exist, and we would not beable to carry out our daily lives without it. But Realizing (luminating) the thoughts and emotions, one can create the pyhsical world they perceive, because that is ultimately how we were brought into existance here. Many of our daily desires, revolve around a linear aspect of life, in this phyiscal form and we Believe that this body is not temperal and that the pyhsical self is the highest form of self, there is. Truth is, if this is true, your mind – along with thoughts and emotions, might as well not even exist. – your mind existing, is a reason why you are conscious and having an existance in this physical body. Many people become attached to the physical illusions, of this hologrophic realm. These illusions consits of things that were created just as we were, but the difference is, 99% of the things that are created/manifested in this realm are physical, materialistic things, that we attach ourselves to emotionally, to the point where our desires are nothing but illusive realities, as well as our thoughts. We can only blame ourselves, and ignorance is no excuse for not detaching. When you are able to detach emotionally to material things, your manifesting abilities, will be just that of  “mind over matter”. — Mind over matter meaning,  the mind has no attachment to the physical illusive things that we make a reality, and its able to manipulate and over come the matter that exists. We are mind beings, without the mind we are nothing but vegetables. -vegetable state (comatose).  Most of us lost our abilities to create the reality that we desire because our desires are illusions and the realities that we want to manifest are nothing more than temperary illusions, brought into existance by our lower, phyiscal dimensional selves. lost our abilites to see above the matter that exists.

- The Blue q. line along K –> repersents Magnetic force (Emotions/Energy in motion – E – motion)

- The Red q. line along K–> oscilation of elecrical energy moving with force (Thoughts/lumination of thought energy)